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Paul Herman's Office
Harry Ash's OfficeWelcome to Allegheny Psychological & Counseling Services. We are a multi-specialty practice, with over 40 years of combined experience. If life's challenges are becoming overwhelming … if you have a family problem … if you are concerned about an addiction issue - either your own or a loved one's - we are only a phone call away. We are usually able to schedule an initial session within 48 hours. Please look at the rest of this website. If you think we can help, let us know. Hope to meet you soon.
Services We Offer
  • Varied therapy approaches
  • Gastric bypass evaluation
  • Chemical dependency and other addiction issues evaluation
  • SSI disability evaluation
  • Custody issues and other legal evaluations
  • Substance abuse interventions
  • Pre-martial counseling
  • Smoking cessation treatment
  • SAP/DOT Evaluation

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